Detangling Brush

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• Suitable for various brush types and sizes.
• Brushes are ready for use promptly.
• Efficient cleaning, more time for makeup.
• Preserves bristle quality and longevity.
• Exquisite Gift for All Occasions.

Your Beauty Ally

Meet your new best friend!

Automatic Brush Cleaner™ is your trusted companion for maintaining your makeup brushes and sponges with ease.

Say farewell to hand-cleaning struggles and hello to a quick, efficient solution that pampers your brushes for effortless beauty.

Clean & Hygienic Brushes

We prioritize flawless skin and impeccable brushes.

Do you truly know what's hidden in those bristles? Ensure your skin stays healthy, and your brushes stay pristine.

Bid farewell to lurking impurities with Automatic Brush Cleaner™.

Time-Saving Beauty Elixir

Your time is precious, and we respect that.

Imagine transforming your makeup brushes and tools from dirty to dazzling with just one touch of a button.

Let our innovative machine do the work, granting you more time to express creativity through makeup.

How to use Automatic Brush Cleaner™

Pour water and a touch of soap, click the button, and voila!

Your brushes are rejuvenated.

Note: While our device does wonders, it's still advised to hand wash for the perfect blend of care and cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Started In Los Angeles, CA

Embark on a journey with Automatic Brush Cleaner™, our latest innovation.

Meticulously crafted, this device epitomizes unmatched craftsmanship and innovation, merging advanced technology with convenient design.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of efficient makeup brush care.

We're dedicated to your satisfaction, proudly backing every purchase with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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We are the original founders of the Brush Sonic Pro™. Founded in Los Angeles, California.

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